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Website Manual - Version: May 18th, 2020
What is this site
-It is a showcase of quality photographic Projects created by authors from all over the world;
-Individual (one Author) or collective (at least two Authors) photographic projects are published;
-An Artistic Committee selects the photographic Projects to be published ensuring high quality. The members of the Artistic Committee are selected from the Authors registered by Oculus Digitale;
-Anyone can register for free and upload their photo projects;
-Zero advertising, non-invasive approach;
-The site is managed by Oculus Digitale, a non-profit association from Turin, Italy;
Artistic evaluation criteria
-Photographic quality: technique, composition and post-production;
-Project Quality: consistency of format, color and shapes, link between Photographs, number of Photographs;
-Overall visual impact;
-Existence and effectiveness of the theme of the Project;
Visitors Info
If you are a visitor you can:
-See the new works published on the Projects page;
-Search for the Projects of your interest on the Research page;
-Watch the Projects of each author;
-Register and become an Author by proposing your Projects;
Info Authors
If you are an Author you can:
-Build your personal Projects by uploading the Photographs and managing them through the tools that we make available to you;
-Participate in a collective Project as an Author, proposing your Photographs to the Director;
-Fill in your personal form by entering the prizes won, the honors received, the exhibitions carried out and the books published in order to have a dynamic and easily updated CV;
-An Artistic Committee selects the photographic Projects to be published ensuring high quality;
-Potential inclusion of the best photographic Projects in exhibitions and / or level publications;
-You can also launch a collective photographic Project as Director;
Director Info
If you are a Director you can:
-Manage a collective Project where many Authors can participate in a single theme by proposing their shots;
-Select the best Photographs and give them a sequence;
-You will be able to manage each phase in a totally autonomous way, but at the same time, you will have to carry on the Project;
Projects Info
The Project, from creation to publication, consists of the following steps:
-Project creation with title and description;
-Upload of Photographs;
-Selection of Photographs, ordering the sequence and checking that everything is perfect;
-Closing and sending the Project through the "publication request";
-Evaluation by the Artistic Committee;
-Publication of only photographic Projects approved by the Artistic Committee;
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